Angle_Max - if exceeded, will it disable the copter?

How the Angle_Max command work? Does it affect pilots input only or it limits the autopilot too?
What I mean by this: can I safely limit Angle_Max to just 10 degrees for the initial test flights, or this will also limit the autopilot in stabilizing the copter?

Will leaning past 10 degrees disable it in mid air (wind gusts etc)?

Leave it at default for the initial flights or it won’t have enough authority and you will think something else is wrong.

So the Angle_Max does limit the authority of an autopilot.
I was hoping it only limits the input of an operator, not what it does in order to stabilize itself.
This could explain why despite high PID values my copter is so sluggish on a test rig. I started to suspect that that could be the cause.

But if it happens that the Angle_Max is exceeded because the copter cannot recover quickly enough - will this disable the copter?
My copter got disarmed several times on a stand when I swinged it quite a bit by hand. Wondering if low Angle_Max could have something to do with that.

No, swinging it on a stand disarmed it.