Android App for controlling a mini quad - is there any good?


my first post here on forum!

I’m backpacking a lot, and need a way to control my 150mm quad on the go, but not want to carry a bulky radio with me.

I’d like to be able to control it just with my android phone or tablet.
It would be very useful to me to be able to get it up in the air and
have a look of the surrounding area and the trail ahead…
No FPV needed, just flying it line of sight, 50-100m max range, simple
takeoff-land control, then check the footage from the SD card…

Also, I’d like to be able to send it on a short autonomous missions to
get a look of an area further ahead. I guess I’ll need new FCB with such
capability (Naze, APM ?) and a GPS module too. Also what app should I

I know Hubsan X4 H501A quad is capable of all that I need, even has a
FPV and a wifi booster phone cradle, but I guess there also is a
solution that fits my needs with the gear I already have…

Came across a Hobbyking IOS & Android 4CH WiFi Receiver the other
day, but not sure how it performs, or is the app it comes with any good
for my needs.

Also what are the options for someone generally looking for a small
radio transmitter, like DJI Spark and Mavic Pro uses? Seen people using
these android game consoles, must admit that’s a perfect form factor for me:

Any advice is much appreciated!

You can use an esp8266 wifi module as a telemetry radio, then use QGroundControl or Tower.

Thanks James.
Is it possible to use one of these modules?
Being a noob, interested if it is just a matter of plug&play or there is some programing involved?

What FCB do you recommend to use with these? Have a 30.5x30.5mm board mount on my frame, would be nice if it fits.
What app do I need to control my quad in LOS ? Can I do mission planning as well?

The first should would, the second would need setup.

Pixracer sounds like the fc for you. If you buy one of those it should have an option to buy the wifi module at the same time (it’s a little different).

Programmers play with development boards, write programs in the lab, fly around the doorway and back to the lab.