Analog RSSI broken in 4.0.7?

Hello! I have pixawk 1 and dragonlink receiver with analog RSSI which worked well with NuttX 3.5 firmware. Now I have switched to 4.0.7 and analog RSSI does not work. Here is my configuration:


rxrssi shows 100 under any voltage of analog rssi from dragonlink, apart from 0 where it shows 0. I have checked the actual voltage with a voltmeter and it is fine. I don’t understand what is wrong with analog RSSI in 4.0.7.

I’m afraid I can’t answer your question but I’ve moved this to the 4.0 category (it was initially in the 4.1 category).

If you want to re-try with the 4.1 beta I could help I think but please be sure to include an onboard log to help with the analysis.

Txs for the report.