Analog airspeed vs battery monitor on F405-WING

I am really stuck on setting up analog airspeed sensor on Matek F405-WING with Ardupilot firmware from here It works really well connected to RSSI pin on the board with ARSPD_PIN=15 and BATT_MONITOR=0, but as soon as i set BATT_MONITOR=4 and reboot the board - airspeed does not work anymore, thought battery monitor - does… This looks like some kind of a bug because battery monitor uses PIN 10 for voltage and 11 for current and i have no clue why airspeed on PIN 15 can’t be used after activating BATT_MONITOR. I activated analog RSSI through PIN 15 and it works with active battery monitor and displays data from airspeed sensor. Need your help!

I have opened an issue: