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An Open Source Frsky Telemetry Script for the Horus X10,X12 and Taranis X9D,X9E and QX7 radios


(Alain Chartier) #45

maxalt.wav file french

(Alex Apostoli) #46

I uploaded the file to the github repo, thanks for the update.

(Greg Covey) #47

I made a quick demo showing some of the features in the Yaapu LUA Telemetry. My MavLink Message screen didn’t have much on it because the quadcopter had been on for a while. Normally, the message beeps are heard for each message as the Pixhawk initializes and GPS get a 3D lock.

Having GCS-like telemetry right on the Taranis transmitter is very convenient. It is a great application so give it a try!

(Alex Apostoli) #48

Hi all,
what do you think of a HUD with a dark ground background, in my opinion it’s much easier to “read”

hud with white “ground”


hud with black “ground”


Note: I tried with different levels of GREY but I do not like the way it renders on screen

feedback welcome

(Fnoop) #49

Much easier to cognitively parse. More like normal artificial horizons, clearer to see!

(Joe) #50

I like the dark. For it seems easier to see at a glance.

(Greg Covey) #51

I like the dark too.

(Mark Brummett) #52

Same. It look like an attitude indicator on a small plane.

(Igor Ivanovic) #53

In my opinion, way, way better!

(Alain Chartier) #54

I prefere in black the horizon is more visible

(Alex Apostoli) #55

I agree, next release will have the dark version, thanks to all who took the time to respond.

(Aurelio De Martini) #56

Hi Alex thanks a lot for this wonderful script ! I’m testing it on Taranis X9DE+ SE and when I run it I got “Script Panic not enough memory”: Any glue what could cause this error ?

(Joe) #57

@ Digital,
Try removing the 3 folders from your sd card and replace them with what Alex provides.

(Alex Apostoli) #58

also make sure the radio is not trying to compile the script: remove the yaapu9.lua file and only leave the yaapu9.luac one.
If the script does not start then try to rename yaapu9.luac in yaapu9.lua.

I had reports that sqt5font needs to be unchecked for memory hungry scripts to work

This is how I test it on my radio


(Greg Covey) #59

I am using the yaapu9.luac file without issue on this setup. I don’t care for that sqt5font.


(David Nagle) #60

Hi Guys, I am new to the Frysky way of doing things and I’d like to get Some Telemetry for my Setup. I have a Genuine 3DR Pixhawk, Frsky 8XR rx.

I have been reading a bit and would like to know what I need to get it to be able to have this telemetry on my system.

Please excuse me if I am in the wrong place.

Cheers Dave.

(Joe) #61

Hello Dave,
Follow the link in the first post to Alex’s github page. There you will find his script,and links that will show cables, pixhawk setup . And those linked pages offer even more info.
Once you have the script installed and running on your radio, the cable connected and configured to pixhawk, you’ll see everything on your radio.

(David Nagle) #62

Thanks Joe, I appreciate the information. I have the converter and some spares and will make the link cable myself.

Thanks again,

Cheers Dave.

(Сергей) #63

Hello, your work is wonderful. Please do a telemetry check by RSS. I do not have the RxBt parameter
I have an inscription no telemetry data

(Alex Apostoli) #64

Hi, it’s already that way.
If you need help please post a description of your problem and I’ll try to help you