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An Open Source Frsky Telemetry Script for the Horus X10,X12 and Taranis X9D,X9E and QX7 radios

Ooops, after updating to v4.0.1 (from 3.9.x) I am also getting the No_RC_Receiver messages from time to time although everything works just fine (i.e. no actual RC loss at all, and no RTL nor glitches). My stuff:

  • Horus X12
  • Pixhawk (two 2.4.8 -one from HK and a random one affected by the 1MB flash bug)
  • ArduPlane
  • R9Slim+ and X4RSB

This was not happening with previous v3.9.6.

Hmm, finally got around to trying the Gas Suite, but the Horus will not see the FC telemtry when it’s passing through the gas suite. Tried deleting all sensors,etc, on 2 different receivers (Both X8R Pro).
I guess this is more a frsky issue, but figured that someone else here might have had similar issue?

Hi, can you describe the cabling and how many sensors you have on the sport bus? What ardupilot version are you using?

Currently using a custom heli build from Chris Olson.
Cuav Pixhack v3. Craft & Theory cable to the RX works as intended.
I then plug that into the Gas suite in ‘Channel in’ and plug the S.port cable into the RX and I only get the gas suite sensors.

Gas suite should work just fine, both Chris Olson and yak-54 use it on a regular basis.
@yak-54 reported an issue when having many frsky sensors chained on the sport, but that issue has been resolved in latest master.

Your gas suite setup is probably using the same sensor id used by ardupilot, you could try to change it by something else by using the provided gas suite lua script.

[1]= {

The sensor id is the number in the square brackets?

No, you should use the GasSuit-config.lua downloaded from the frsky site to change the physical ID.
By default it should be 26 which is fine so this is just a blind guess, try to change it to 14 as a test

Yeah no joy. Tried a couple of different ID, rebooting inbetween,wonder if I got a dodgy gas suite module.

The only way an external frsky sensor can interfere with ardupilot is by responding to the same sensor ID, anoher reason could be the module for some reason is not forwarding ardupilot packets on the sport bus.
To check it you could try to splice the sport cable by making an Y connector and connect rx,gas suite and FC with the same cable all in parallel.
In the end the only way to really know what’s going on is with a logic analyzer trace

Aha!, Ok, didnt realize you could do that. Will do that before I buy a new one. Thanks!

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Sorta worked. I get ‘sensor lost’ and it’s struggling to see the FC telemetry, although the screen appears to update correctly.

Do you have by any chance a spare FLVSS cell voltage sensor to add to the chain, if you can discover it in OpenTX it would give us some insight if your gas suite is misbehaving.
If you do a sensor discovery do you discover GPS?
Looks like your gas suite is responding to all sensor polls, but again you need a logic analyzer trace to properly debug your issue

Alex do you know if someone is working on injecting S-port to Ardupilot or mavlink ?

@yak-54 yes, that would be me :slight_smile:

I do not have any other frsky sensors. I do see the GPS.

@Implicit Jakob I created a PR to update the frsky scheduler in current HeliPilot master, you might give it a try. I don’t think it will solve your issue tough.

Yeah, I spoke to Chris about it. I’ll start by loading your script onto my old Taranis and see if that will make any difference.
Ill also order a battery sensor.

I can do a build of latest HeliPilot master too with the updated scheduler. I have it in my test helicopter, but not any public builds right now.

@Implicit I think your problem is related to the gas suite box not providing a passthru for other sensors and duplicate sensor ID’s on the bus. The gas suite “invents” a bunch of other sensors by using the fuel flow sensor to provide for fuel remaining, yadda yadda. I don’t use any of that because I found the fuel flow sensor to be highly inaccurate and since I know the fuel burn anyway the clock tells me how much fuel I got left. The rpm, high temp thermocouple and low temp sensor turned out to be useful though.

The fuel flow sensor seems to work on a turbine where you need a pipeline direct to OPEC to have it idling at 115cc/min fuel flow, it goes to 175cc/min when you spool up the rotor and 230cc/min when you lift off. But with piston engines that only burn 17-22cc/min in cruise flight there’s not enough fuel flow to turn the the little spinner in it very reliably.

Yeah, I was actually looking for alternate options.
This was the smallest gas resistant flow sensor I could find, but then it would require hooking it up to an arduino or similar to generate the telemetry.

That sensor might work with the gas suite. It is the same type of sensor. But the accuracy of it is advertised as +/-2% which is 20cc per liter. The clock is more accurate than that once you measure your fuel burn. In all aircraft from ultralights to airliners fuel burns by the clock, not by the gauge. If you file a flight plan and tell FSS that you got 4,000 gallons onboard they don’t care about that. They want to know how many hours and minutes of fuel you got onboard.

Regardless, when you discover the sensors, if you get rid of those extra sensors that the Gas Suite “invents” and use a y-cable to hook it up I think you’ll get it to work with the passthru. I’m using it on a Taranis, not a Horus. But it shouldn’t be any different.

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