Am I on the right Path

Image 1 show the GPS RTK and all in the green for preDrive checks so this is great IMG_8231
Image 2 here is a little test waypoint path, I have make the radius as small as possible and if I can make the radius smaller please let me know.
Image 3 Now this part is interesting because the only way to get my RC to operate was to change these to RCPassthru and with that setting I could calibrate and see everthing work
Now I dont seem to be able to get this to move on the screen

Does anyone think Im getting close to move first movement IMG_8231

Image 4 is my path for testing

Passthrough simply bypasses the Flight Controller so no I would not call that progress other than the drive system works. So, set them back to Thr L and Thr R before advancing or you will never run an auto mission.

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Thanks Dave I will investigate this config further