Altitude gap error in 1000m altitude goal mission :: HELP ::

Hey guys im having a problem with my ardupilot arduplane on a mugin design airplane
( the plane doesnt make sure that it accomplished the altitude wanted for the waypoint ) the error gap started with just 15 meter height error and then reached to more than 300 meters and still assuming that she accomplished the waypoint although i made the waypoint radius 30
she went throw all the waypoints in like 2d coordinates put altitudes was terrible
i made a mission plan and took care of the angles doesnt go more than 11 degree
it was supposed to go up to 1000m altitude it just reached 600 and then back down while also the last point was like 0 but it ignoered its last altitude and in the end assumed that it finished the mission
and came to us like RTL although that she was still in the auto mode and started to fly loop around us
can someone help me understand this or how to fix this issue ?

NO no one knows or faced this proplem before realy ???

i even asked in diydrones no one knew ?

what i know that there is a lot of professionals here … :no_mouth:

Have you considered posting a log so that people have something to actually look at and analyze?

the plane is lost i dont have the log

1000m altitude?
Man you are brave…to even post a ridiculously ILLEGAL ANYWHERE goal like that in public forums.

I’m sorry to hear that.
Do you at least have the tlog from the GCS?

1000m altitude is kinda crazy indeed… but anyway:

I believe what you describe is standard behaviour? I might be wrong (someone more experienced with plane please CHECK this) but I think typical waypoints are 2D with tentative altitude, that is, the plane will go to that waypoing while trying to climb/descent to the waypoint altitude, but it will consider the waypoint as “done” when it goes inside the waypoint radius, despite any altitude errors it might get. To ensure it climbs/descends before or after reaching a waypoint, you can use loiter altitude for instance

@ist165351 correct, the aircraft will attempt to climb enroute, but except for loiter to altitude will proceed to the next waypoint even if it hasn’t hit the desired altitude. Managing this just becomes a job of planning a mission that the airframe is capable of performing.