Altitude drops below the value given in the mission

Dear all,

I have Matek H743-slim, M9N-5883 GPS and I am using 4.1.0 beta v5. I am using H type drone. Drone weight is 1700 gr. I am using Racerstar AirA 2508 1200KV motors (quadcopter) and 6S 5200 mAh battery.
I have some problems. Firstly when I using auto mode, my altitude is not fixed. I try block barometer, using sponge but not work. And I can see altitude is downing but my drone not fix this. What is my problem? (log file)


Still looks like baro noise. You used open cell foam right? Also, interesting ACCEL P/R max values from the parameters in that log.

1 million cdeg/s/s !

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