Altitude drop in AUTO mode

While flying missions in AUTO at 10 m/s I am noticing the Iris can drop almost 40% from desired altitude if the waypoints require a significant change in direction (like a u-turn or right turn). I am wondering what the rated forward speed (excluding wind) is for the Iris to maintain altitude properly, and if anyone has had issues when flying auto missions at a faster speeds.

did you verify that it is able to keep altitude at such speed with that config/payload ?
Remember that you set groundspeed, with enough headwind, the required angle will be so big, that it’s not able to maintain altitude.

I’d suggest that you check how fast it can fly while holding altitude, then subtract the strongest wind you expect on a mission, before setting desired groundspeed.

I have submitted a request to give altitude priority over groundspeed.

On the turn coming back (where it lost altitude) it was going into a headwind. Yet it did recover and get back to altitude. The strange thing is the initial dip. Altitude should definitely be given priority over the set speed. Combined with the fact that the Iris recalculates relative altitude on the fly (not resetting to 0 on launch), it makes it very difficult to plan a mission if you have a lot of wind and trees.