Altitude could not be held during flying and in windy situation

Hi everyone

I am using Cube Black with Ardupilot. When the drone flying in high speed, it could not hold it altitude, gradually descent and finally crashed to ground. Also in windy situation, the altitude is not stable, if strong wind blows, it descent and ascent when the wind stop.

How could I solve this problem?


The parameters on the CubeBlack need to be configured so that they match your specific airframe.
You need to read the documentation and follow the tunning instructions.

Thanks for replying

Is it Airframe Setup and AirSpeed Calibration in this page?
I already set up the airframe in MissionPlanner. And I don’t have airspeed sensor for my drone. Is there anyelse setting to tune?


That’s a link to the PX4 firmware. Wrong place to be looking if you are using Arducopter.

There is no airspeed sensor support in Arducopter. Post a link to the .bin flight log where the issue is present.

Thanks for replying

Here is the log


That link requires access. Fix that.

Should be fine now

No idea what you have here:


It is a custom tether drone project based on official Ardupilot 4.0.3 firmware. Only few mode is customized (follow mode in this case) and most of the other code remain the same.