Altitude control parameters

Can anybody tell me what is the parameter for:

-Climbing and descending in loiter mode / alt hold

-Parameters for altitude control in general (helicopter is descending when decelerating hard)

Cheers pak

As far as I know there isn’t any parameters for that. You don’t have collective control in alt hold or loiter - all you can do is command a vertical rate. It is possible maybe you have excessive Z-axis vibration that is over-whelming the IMU’s and causing it to be not accurate on altitude?

I assumed I can test a lot in loiter mode

especially parameters like:
maximum speed of airframe
climb/descend rate

but i think that’s wrong.

–> in loiter mode I accelerated the airframe to a certain speed with nick input.
when going back to neutral, the helicopter was stopping but descending a bit…

regarding vibrations:

there are some options to check log file in mission planner for vibrations… or are there better ways?

No, only do that stuff in Stabilize or Acro. Loiter is not a normal flying mode and it has artificial braking and stuff that is not suitable for high speed flight. Nor does the collective work properly. You only have normal collective control in Stabilize or Acro.

You should be able to look at vibration in MP no problem. Generally less than 10 is ok for heli’s as long as there is no IMU clipping or aliasing.

ok thanks,

also found one of your suggestions how to do anti-vibration installation.

will add a metal plate and velcro

currently, the cube V2.1 is installed on depron plates.