Altitude/Airspeed problem in Loiter mode


In loiter mode the aircraft looses target speed and altitude once in a full circle. I looses aroung 10 meters while speeding up around 10 km/h, then starts climbing while reducing power and loosing speed to almost stall speed. It then recovers and the the game starts again.
In auto mode speed and altitude is tracked quite well.

Hardware : APM 2.5 with speed sensor.

Loitering starts at around 20% of the log file for a few circles followed by two rounds of an auto mission.

I suspect there is room for improvment in the TECS parameters but it might be something else.
Can somebody give me some more information about TECS_HGT_OMEGA and TECS_SPD_OMEGA

Any inputs are very welcome.


please, return the pid to control height and speed, this worked perfect.
Thank you.


is it not possible to attach a .param file ? I tried and got the message “The extension param is not allowed.”

Just change the extension to .txt. The params are almost certainly in your tlog anyway.