Alt hold crash on 20" quad. Followed tuning

I’m running a 20" prop quad very light on a 4s 3Ah battery.

I was following the tuning guide provided

Everything was flying and tuning great and moved to althold testing. The test it’s self seemed to go fine I was holding decent alt and I did move the throttle up and down slightly and descended and ascended (not sure if that effects anything). 30 seconds no issues.

The issue came when I removed althold. The yaw controls were completely gone and had some pitch and yaw ability but it was mostly uncontrollable. It “crashed” but was still flyable after that I could not get the copter to fly stably like I had before the althold test.

Am I supposed to land it in alt mode turn it off then switch MOT_HOVER_LEARN to 0?

Not sure why my params are so off now after the test. I am going to start over from scratch with the same stable PID settings I had but what do I do when I reach althold testing?

No .bin log from the flight, no cookie…

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