Alpha ESCs one motor won't spin


Anyone recently has been experiencing problems with T-motor Alpha ESCs? We have built 2 brand new hexacopters and both of them were flying great. But after a few flights, both drones presented the same issue. After arming, one motor gets stuck and does not spin (no beeps, silent).

Usually, after rebooting the system, the motor comes back to life. But for one vehicle it’s just stuck and silent, like there was no ESC in place. I’ll dig more into this… But it would be great to know if there’s more people here with similar problems.

Running Cube Orange with copter 4.2.1


What MOT params do you have?
Have you done the semi-automatic all-at-once ESC calibration?

Hello @samucs

I would suggest to double check your wiring.

We suspect it has something to do with temperature drift impacting the timer capture in the ESC, causing it to see the low PWM for startup to be a bit high, and the ESC not initialising due to PWM being too high.

Considering that Alphas work in the 1100 - 1940 PWM range, we are playing with the MOT parameters and monitoring the vehicle to understand when such event may happens again.

In this case it should beep continuosly in a higher frequency, no? I would conduct some bench testing to validate its hypothesis.