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Airspeed without airspeed sensor

(Icarus) #1

I’m not sure if this is a MP question or Pixhawk one…

In the past, with older firmware and older MP versions, I was able to get a synthetic airspeed. I suppose there was an algorithm like the one that gives the wind speed and direction. In any case, with the latest Plane and MP releases, I can no longer get airspeed. Am I missing something?

(Henry Wurzburg) #2

I have the same problem…I think its a bug…I cant display it on my OSD…always outputs 0.

(Michael Oborne) #3

MP generates a synthetic one. so an OSD connected to the autopilot is something MP cant help with.

(Icarus) #4

I’m sorry, I’m confused. I thought the OSD, such as minimOSD, uses the Mavlink messages to represent GS and AS. Anyway, I got mine working again, probably due to FW changes for Arduplane.

(Henry Wurzburg) #5

Actually, it turns out to be a MP issue. MP does not allow one to set sensor type to 0 (no sensor). This makes the reporting to the OSD incorrect. This occurs in Plane 3.8 onward. MP needs to have its unconfigured state have ASPD_TYPE=0 and to have that option in the dropdown box for type if the config page is accessed.