Airspeed Sensor Calibration

First, let me start by saying that I finally have my Airspeed Sensor working. The combination pitot/static tube was leaking at the front where the long tube fits into the aluminum tip. The repair is documented in several forum locations and I followed those to take it apart and epoxy all of the joints while reassembling it. Much better and now just blowing near the tube makes it quite easy to get numbers as high as 12 to 15 mph as opposed to 2 or 3 before.
Ok so now the question. After taking the Super Sky Surfer out and doing an auto calibration in 2.76 I have an airspeed ratio number ( arspd_ratio ) of 3.710. Does that sound about right as the Wiki says between 1 and 3. It stalled just under 14 mph on landing with that ratio number and while the speeds looked good in flight and on landing I am just curious if the 3.710 sounds about right in the experts opinion. I still have a bit more tuning to do but it’s flying pretty good for now. It’s great to finally have the Airspeed working.


Congrats on getting the Airspeed Sensor working. Mine is currently at 3.030381 on my Skywalker X8, and my confidence level in its accuracy has become pretty high.

If you’re unsure, you can always redo the calibration on a calm day and see how it goes. Make sure you properly execute the Preflight checks first so that the sensor gets zerod out.

I found that with the sampling taken every 2 mins, that I wanted to loiter for 6 minutes instead of 5, just because. Once I finished my calibration, I watched the Airspeed vs Ground speed in MP and would see a difference between the two in upwind vs crosswind vs downwind speeds, in values that I felt were reasonable.

If after a second calibration you’re still +3, I think just sit with it for now unless one of the devs come in and say otherwise regarding the expectation of between 1 and 3 for arspd_ratio.

Curious, where on the airframe is the pitot tube? Any chance you can post a pic?

Thanks for reply Josh. The pitot tube is sticking out the front of the fuse on the SSS. The static holes are approx 3/4" from the nose foam, maybe just a tad more. The displayed A/S does seem accurate enough, my only concern is the calibration number being over 3 when the wiki says between 1 and 3. I will take a picture tonight and try to post it. Thanks again for the response.

Here is the pic of the SSS with the Pitot Tube sticking out the front.

I wish I could say with more authority, but if its accurate, you’ll probably be ok.

If any of the devs see this thread, I think a second opinion could be reassuring.

Happy Flying!

Please post a log of a flight. We’ll be able to give you an answer that is not a wild guess.