AIRSIM SITL Rangefinder not working

Dear all,

I am trying to enable rangefinder in SITL/AirSIM as altitude sensor but without success. I followed the instructions from Airsim site (file settings.json) but SITL does not consider rangefinder measures from AIRSIM. Also RNGFND_TYPE 100 does not work because SITL consider only its internal model.

Could you suggest me how to enable rangfinder in AIRSIM/SITL?


Using RangeFinder in AirSim with AP currently hasn’t been merged into master, see, so a release binary or even the latest AirSim master won’t work, you’ll have to use the branch from the PR linked above. The AP-side code has gone in, but the Wiki PR also hasn’t been merged due to this reason.

I’ve a pre-built Windows Blocks binary with the PR modifications here if you would like to try it out, compiled it for a user sometime back.

So I would suggest building AirSim from source with the PR, using the latest AP master and follow the instructions in the Wiki PR linked above. If it still doesn’t work then there might be problems.

Dear rajat2004,

thanks a lot for your suggestions. The pre-built Windows Blocks works! Great! I would like also to implement the modification into Airsim code and rebuild it but I do not understand your indication.
I will study them better.