AHRS output at 100hz

I need the ahrs output at 100hz in order to use with a companion computer connected via telemetry port serial/FTDI, the maximum. I made some in the sr1 params, but the maximum I obtained is 50hz with some duplicates values.
How can I do that?
Thanks in advance

What’s your main loop rate? Don’t expect updates faster than that!

You might look at the mavlink SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL command to specify just
a single message for rapid streaming. You can also use a lua script to
set the message interval.

I have the main loop rate at 100hz, now with MAVROS we only obtain 40hz… do you know whats happening?

We use mavros with Ardurover at the default 50hz. The message rate is capped at 80% of the main loop rate so 40Hz. If this is all you can achieve also, I would suspect that your loop rate is also only 50Hz… Initially we ran into problems getting higher than the default rates but found that mavproxy was periodically resetting the rates. Sething the mavproxy streamrate to -1 fixed that.