Aerotenna US-D1 Radar Altimeter in CAN or UART?

Hallo Friends,
has anyone got experience with this Altimeter?
In the Ardupilot Wiki only the settings for the UART Version is described. Has anyone tried the CAN version?

Thanks alot!

No One ever tried it? What do you do when it comes to flying over Water? Sonar is not a good alternative I think…

I have had a good experience with the US-D1 over UART. It works very well over water.

Thanks, I ordered now an UART one.
Looking forward to test it!

Hi Guys,
Does anyone know if US-D1 CAN is supported in Arducopter codebase ?
Has anyone implemented these drivers ?

It’s not. Please don’t keep asking the same question in multiple places hoping for a different answer.

@Marky2210 US-D1 CAN drivers are in master branch now.

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is there any confirmation about CAN support and reliably working?

Thank you, best regards.

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Hi @Riccardo yes sir it is working

sorry for the late reply.
you need to use 4.1 version


this for USD1 (CAN 2.0 v) Radar
enjoy the flight sir
sorry about my English, if you are not understood, please ask me again.

Hi @SWARNA_MOHAN_CHANDRA it’s clear thanks. The only doubt is adopting the 4.1 before a solid final release, proved to be reliable. Thanks.

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@Riccardo for me 4.1 is working great. I used this for agriculture drones, It is maintained 70CM constant distance from the ground. the suggestion is when you are doing a test do not move your eye from the drone. keep on observe the drone. my drone is crashed only I did not observe 1 second of time, at the particular point it is crashed. After I change minimum altitude should be above 70CM(above terrain)
thank you

How crash happenend? And how do you manage the collision avoidance of other low obstacles around the copter?
Last question: can you manually change altitude while in auto flight mode?

There are fixes for this particular altimeter on ArduCopter 4.1.0-rc1 release

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1.crash is dueto observation mistake.
2. you need to check the total aera and take 70cm from the tall object.
3. no, i am not try for that. if option is there you can.
collision avoidance you should follow the document ( think you already know about it, even just for reference i am putting this link.
form me drone is maintained 70cm accurate.
note:- crash is happed only my mistake only.

thank you @Riccardo sir

ok, thank you for your information @amilcarlucas sir. sir in my case crash is happed dueto my flying mistake only. firmware is working great. after that chash is happened i did 60 agriculture missions on different crops sir. drone is performed great. @amilcarlucas thank for the help to me sir.

Hello Swarna_Mohan i wanted to integrate Ainstein USD1 radar for terrain following currently i am using arducopter ver:4.0.7 i am able to get the output from the radar but not working in Althold, Poshold and Auto means its detecting the obstacle but theres no increase in altitude. Please suggest me the supported firmware for terrain following or obstacle avoidance where i will be able to work the radar’s input in Poshold and Auto.


As always the latest stable is the way to go 4.2.0-rc3 or newer.

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@Prathap_K Please

follow above. @amilcarlucas thank you sir