Advice needed on where we are allowed to fly

Drone Enthusiasts,
So, I’ve just bought a Mavic Pro drone for several months and learning a lot about how to fly and are really excited to be able to take incredible pictures with it. However, I’m learning more and more restrictions are up with Drone flying. In a few more years, I can see where recreation flying will probably need allowed only at your own home!? :frowning:
I’ve been googling, I am aware of the 400m height, always in view, 5 miles from the airport, no flying in National Parks… What else?
Don’t fly over people’s head, well, is that realistic? Meaning how high from people’s head? How come I see so many Beach drone video that flew over people on YouTube?
Where else can’t you fly over? Private property? How do one define that? Does private property included the airspace above them? How far? 200m? Universities are beginning to have more rules as well… There intention is good but again there will soon be no drone flying unless you are home. Or you have to ask for permission for everywhere. Then you have to have a license to fly and pay government fees annually for you license…

Anyone have any comments or suggestions?

Thank you in advance.


I fly a 650 quad, which means no redundancy in the event of a motor failure. That’s about 2 Kg of metal and spinning blades. If it fell on someone’s head it’s possible it would do a great deal of damage. “Don’t fly over people’s heads” seems like a pretty easy decision.

I fly in a fairly dense suburban area. We have parks that are largely people-free at certain times of the day. This hasn’t been especially limiting so far.

I agree. I was wondering if there are other set rules other than common sense.