Advice Needed on inflammatory post

So, I disapproved a couple posts from this guy because they were more argumentative than anything else, accusing 3DR of using the user base as alpha testers, etc. I wanted to share the contents of the post here but it looks like when I disapprove the post, the content get either hidden or deleted? At any rate, I’d like some feedback here. The last post referenced below had “some” helpful info in it, but the guy is still being aggressive so I thought on it for a sec, almost approved, then disapproved.

[quote]JoshW Disapproved post “Re: Pixhawk ESC backwards compatability” with the following reason
» The reported message is off topic. View topic | View logs Mon Feb 03, 2014 5:01 am[/quote]

Craig or Stefan, do you have the ability to see the contents of the post and advise if we should allow or disallow this in? It looks like Craig is already willing to help Elvis with testing the unit, and the thread is marked as [SOLVED]. If you do have the ability - do I, and was I just missing it perhaps?

I’m leaning towards allow since the post did have some info in it that could have helped someone, but the thread was solved and the guy was … well… a dick.


FYI, this is an edited version of the other post that I just approved:


I’d say, if posts are too argumentative, disapprove them and point to the forum rules which require “the utmost civility” from every user.

Thanks Stefan. That’s basically where I am as well, but feel we must be careful with “too argumentative” since that could be considered subjective. This post was clearly in the realm of “too argumentative” I think, as he was bad-mouthing 3DR and talking about how they don’t support people, use users as Alpha (after correcting from Beta) users, etc.

So, I think it was right to block it, and it sounds like you agree, and he’s since re-posted the same post without the arguments in it. I was fearful that blocking the post “on behalf of 3DR” could be viewed as stifling open opinion / free speech, etc etc… that whole bit of crap. That was really my primary concern…

Thanks again for the thoughts, and the reference to the requirement of civility. At the end of the day, I think that one nails it on the head.


Well, I wouldn’t say, you’d block it “on behalf of 3DR” specifically but on behalf of a generally positive climate in the forum :slight_smile:.
I mean, you’d not only block posts which are badmouthing 3DR but also post which are badmouthing other companies or people, right? :slight_smile:

Good point, and I agree… it was more about the perception, but you’re right I’d block it for anything. Unless they were talking about Ruby… :sunglasses: :laughing:

You need to remember that this is not a public website and has been established to provide only hardware/software support to its members. If a member wants to rant about 3DR, or any other manufacturer for that matter, then direct them to the DIY Drones Rants & Raves Discussion Forum: and then lock the topic if appropriate.