Advice needed mavproxy gui based application

Hi folks,
I’m writing a TKInter GUI application, the final target is going to be Raspberry Pi (but that’s not important at this stage) What I’m wondering is there seems to be several options that I can see for development:

  1. Use Mavproxy to route to a external application running Dronekit-python
  2. write a Mavproxy native module that starts a GUI (I’ve not tried this yet but as the --map, works I assume its possible)
  3. a mavproxy module that routes to an external GUI
  4. some other approach I don’t see yet that is amazing!
    Does anyone else have experience with this? What was your way to approach this? I’m leaning to option1 as I’ve already partially implemented this.
    Thanks for any advice

Either of those would work. If you want an example of a TKinter MAVProxy module, take a look at the checklist module at

Thanks for that Stephen