ADSB In SITL with Companion Computer


I’m pretty new to ArduPilot but I’ve been experimenting with implementing more advanced dynamic no fly zones with a Raspberry Pi 4B as a companion computer. At the moment, as a proof of concept, I’ve got the built in simulator in Mission Planner running and a no fly zone hard coded on the Pi as a set of coordinates. I’m using a script running on the Pi using Drone Kit to measure the distance and direction to the no fly zone and send a series of commands to avoid the no fly zone while minimising the disruption to the flight.

My next step is to replace the hard coded coordinates with an ADSB signal but I’m stuck on a few things. How can I simulate a flight with ADSB data? I’m thinking I can connect and ADSB server to mission planner but that’s not ideal because I want to have full control of the ADSB simulation. Also, how do I access the ADSB signal from the Pi such that the script can path plan around the obstacle?

Thanks in advance for any answers!