Admin Access

I would like to add the Prime Notify* module to the forum, but need admin access to do so. Who can enable that?



*Prime Notify adds the text of new posts to email notifications… similar to NING forum that uses.

I have added you to the Admin group

Adding of modules requires direct server access! It can NOT be done via the admin interface!
Before adding modules, compatibility with the current version as well as with installed modules needs to be verified.

I have done tests on my testserver with the update to the latest version of phpBB as well as all the modules I listed in the todo list.

Unfortunately, I have not yet received any reply to my email about forum downtime and installing the update and the new mods…

As a reminder:
I’m ready to install the updates and the new mods but for that the forum needs to go offline for a few hours and I’d like to have Tridge and/or German present at that time too.