Adding waypoints inflight by means of RC

I fancy flying along some linear objects (such as rivers, or existing or dismantled railways). I’ve tried to use a Mavic Air 2 for this but its extremely frustrating with its restrictions. No waypoints, no flying out of video range, no replacing rc or video link - I want back to ArduPilot :slight_smile: However, I want to be able to assemble a movie from several parts of the length of 2-3 kilometers. I usually fly using waypoints with some stick nudging, or entirely FBWB/Cruise because it’s hard to tell when the video link will stop working. And here comes the question of adding waypoints when inflight: as I can see there has been some activity on this topic but most of the ideas were using some mission control software. But I think it would be much easier to use an RC channel for that. The idea is:

-introduce a command “MISSION_STOP” meaning that the mission execution stops on it. (of course it could be unreachable if there will be a JUMP earlier in the mission)
-when there is an RC signal triggered on some channel, insert a waypoint using the current coordinates and altitude, at the end of the mission and past a MISSION_STOP command (added once if non-existent)

In this way it would be very ease to “fly into” a next section - set up two or three waypoints for better alignment and after landing copy them as a beginning of the next section. Another idea would be to save these waypoints into the SD card, but this would make it harder to use them in a mission.