Adding Ardu Sonar to a Scout X4

Hey all,

From what I’ve read the APM for the Scout X4 has provisions for Sonar. I have a couple questions regarding adding this feature to my Scout using the stock FC X4 flight controller as well as a couple questions regarding the Ardu Sonar module itself.

  1. I looked at the Ardu Sonar module sold at Radio Shack. It states on the package the range is up to 13 feet. Online, I’m reading up to 20’ and some even claiming up to 30’ for the same module. What’s the truth on accurate range?

  2. Can I remove the two sonar emitters from the board and move them farther apart with out diminishing accuracy or other ill effects?

I’d like to put the board inside and the emitters in each side of the Scout body.

  1. If I want to add this to the Scout, how do I do it? Can I hook it straight to the FC? What parameter changes need be made? Any other changes I need to make to add the sonar module?

I’m a complete newb when it comes to Ardu so forgive my lack of knowledge.

  1. Lastly, how does the Ardu Ultra Sonic Sonar stack up to others on the market? I realise this is an Ardu forum, but try to be as unbiased in response to this question.


  • chase -

HI, I use the Sonar, I found the Ardu unit at Radio Shack didn’t work, The HC-SR04 worked really well, Had to only calibrate the voltage for zero distance, I can get upto about 17 need to enable it in the software,let me know about those mods, of separating them,I am going to pick up a spare and do some testing,The big distance is made by good solid ground for the return ping,grass,rugs etc,mess with its readings,I set the bird on a square cardboard sheet,calibrate.

Thanks Laser Nerd.

You saved me from picking up the one at RS by mistake.

Do I just connect the Sonar module to the FC-X4 in any slot? Or a better way to put it, how do I connect it into the Scout X4 control system?

Btw, on a side note and speaking of lasers… would it be possible to use the Ardu laser distance measuring module in place of the sonar module? That would prove much more accurate and reliable for quads I would think. Given resonance and other possible disturbances to sonar that is. Plus you’d only have to make a tiny hole for the actual laser emitter.

Any help on connecting it to the FC-X4?


  • chase -

Good question,I need to check out the laser range finder! As for the FC-X4 I have no clue,On the Apm it is pin “0”