Added RCx_FUNCTION = 30 Engine Run Enable function

“This allows assignment of a free output channel to switch PWM output on and off when armed and disarmed.”

Would it be possible to have this function changed just a bit so that:
disarmed PWM is off, but ARMED PWM is RCx_FUNCTION = PASSTHROUGH

This would allow using chs 9 & 10 for main and tail ESCs freeing chs 7 & 8 for RTL and LAND modes. (6 modes just ain’t enough with all the new modes you guys have added!)

One could still have the RCx_FUNCTION = 30 = Max when armed in most transmitters such as Taranis by sending max signal on that channel.

Since I use ESCs with GOVs I prefer more direct control of motors, not asking PIX to do anything except pass the signals. But this leads to a tricky scene if you are landed and kill the TX and then the heli quickly rises to RTL altitude! This would be remedied by immediate disarm when landed, then the motors could not spin up.

EDIT: OK, I now see I can use chs 9 &10 for RT and LAND„ so ch8 can be used as directed for main rotor using H_RSC_MODE = 1 = Ch8 Passthrough.

What about tail ESC / rotor on ch7? Same disarm feature possible to prevent spinup? So do I set RC7_FUNCTION to 32-HeliTailRSC for that? Thus to get ch7 PASSTHROUGH when armed, PWM off to ESC when disarmed?

Sorry about the confusion, it’s not entirely clear in the older/newer instuctions.

I’ll take the liberty of replying to my own post, I think I sorted it out mostly.

Since you cannot use H-RSC_Mode=0 in 3.3, you have the option of H_RSC_Mode=1 to control main motor/rotor direct from Tx ch8, with an ESC/governor if desired. So then you cannot use Ch8 option on the advanced parameters tab (or in the Full Parameters list).
In addition, RC_8_Function must be set to 0.

Ch9 Option and ch10 Option can be set to Land and RTL so as to have constant access to 8 Flight Modes
The other 6 modes are on your 6-pushbutton mode board. I have this set up on Taranis, works great but you need some tricky Special Functions and Global Variables set.

If using a tail motor, I believe it is recommended to use Ch7, so Ch7 Option also must be “do nothing” in the advanced parameters tab.
Then RC7_Function should be set to Passthrough=1 although in the complete parameters list the table shows “HeliTail RSC = 32” I wonder if this setting works, since it is not displayed on MP Full Parameters. If it can be used, the question is whether it is a simple passthrough, and whether it is turned off when the FC is disarmed. Passthrough is NOT turned off when disarmed, I think, so with RC7_Function=1 there remains the danger of the tail spinning up in certain situations, such as signal loss and FS caused by shutting off your Tx “prematurely”.

My original question about using RCx_Function=30 : this will only turn PWM off or on, so it is useless for TailRSC.

I suppose I’ll be testing all this out in the next few days, so if no one can give some advance warning, I’ll report back.