Added a backlight to my TX

I just installed one of those $5 Turnigy backlights to my Iris+ TX. I also added one to my Spektrum DX6i that I use for my toy BNF copters. It is really not necessary for outdoors but is very useful when working on settings and such indoors. And the one on the Spektrum is useful for flying because I fly the small copters indoors a lot. Here is a photo of the Iris+ TX display:

Looking good…glad to see you got that timer working too.

Yes, thanks for the tip on the timer. Who knew it was timer 2? But I will probably have to adjust it down a couple of minutes since I just installed the gimbal. I was getting an easy 15 minutes flight with no gimbal and short legs, but that will proabbly change with gimbal and gopro.


Is this a “How To” on how to do this posted somewhere?


Thank you! :smiley: