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Add new library


(Simone) #1

I would like to add a new library to the ardupilot library.
However, I do not know the correct procedure to add libraries.
I have created a new “AC_MYPID” folder in the library directory.
After that, I made AC_MYPID.cpp and AC_MYPID.h

library / AC_MYPID / AC_MYPID.cpp
library / AC_MYPID / AC_MYPID.h

However, I built it with, but AC_MYPID.cpp was not built.
Please let me know the correct procedure

(Simone) #2

I found that it is enough to add libraries to wscript

(Aditya) #3

I am trying to do the exact same thing, but I’m building ArduCopter with Make. Can anyone let me know what needs to be done to include a new library in the build process? I would like to use it on the Pixhawk target as well, so I want to just add it to all make targets. I couldn’t locate a make file which adds the libraries, can someone help?


(ChenWeiyu) #4

Hi friend, have you solved this problem?