Add external baromter

I have the cc3d flight controller but it does not have the barometer in it which is necessary for altitude hold … So will adding a barometric sensor BPM-150 will help to solve the problem and get the altitude hold mode in it??

Yes you can. But you need to build custom firmware using and upload it to your board

But why can’t I use the openSource or Ardupilot firmware…They have the functions of flight mode for constant altitute

The custom firmware is open source ArduCopter.

I do not understand your doubts.

Is it this one with an F103 processor? If so it won’t run Arducopter no matter what you do.

why won’t it run?? The CC3D is a hardware given in the ardupilot website.

There are different versions of these. The supported versions have barometers. Does it have an F103 processor not? It’s visible right on the chip.


No, it has F405 written on it.

OpenPilot Revolution and RevoMini — Copter documentation ( This page has the documentation.

Yea, I know that. My guess is you can use the Revo-Mini-I2C firmware and connect the barometer to the flexi-port. Download the .apj file from here and flash the board using the “load custom firmware” option in Mission Planner. Assuming it has some version of Arducopter on it already.

but my board isn’t the mini revo…Its a common cc3d revolution.

That’s all I got.

I couldn’t find my controller CC3D Revo in the options of Ardupilot…Does that mean the controller is only supported by Open Source, not Ardupilot??