ACRO_THR_MID for 6" mini quad

I’m trying to set up a mini quad for acro flight. As part of this I thought it a good idea to make sure I understand all the ACRO_* parameters. Could someone explain exactly what ACRO_THR_MID is used for and how to set it correctly? It seems to default to 0, and has a documented range of 0-1 with no other information in the wiki.

Thank you.

looks like it used as a centre point for some expo on the throttle. so you have finer control around hover throttle. I wouldn’t expect it to make a much difference to feel. 0 defaults it to hover throttle. The idea of this is that if you switch out of alt hold where the throttle is centred you will stay at hover throttle rather than shooting in the air if you have a powerful copter

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That helps - thank you.