Acceptable amount of VFF setting with Heli 3.6.9

Thanks to all in advance for any help
Using 3DR Pixhawk with Heli Ver 3.6.9 on a Hobbyking 450 FBL heli, what is normal or acceptable amount of VFF parameter setting I can use?
Right now I am set at VFF of 0.3 for Rll and Pitch, and 0.048 VFF for Yaw?
Can I safely raise VFF higher?
Using VFF settings seem a lot more forgiving than trying to raise P settings?

Hi William. Yes you can safely raise VFF but you may see some low frequency oscillations at some point since the attitude is being fed back into the target rate that the VFF is applied to. Your VFF seems a little high even for a 450. Could you post a param file?

One more thing. Are you following the TradHeli tuning wiki and looking at the RATE message data to judge how much VFF to use?