Accelerometer Calibration and Radio Calibration Failure

Hello everyone.

I am using a Kakute F7 Mini flight controller for a micro traditional helicopter project.

My problem is that the Accelerometer Calibration keeps on failing. The the first instruction to “place vehicle level” seems to be fine but when it comes to the next instruction to “place vehicle LEFT” always fail.

Another is that the radio calibration seems to be not detecting signals from my RC (Taranis X9D Plus) even though it is already on successful bind with the receiver (FrSky R-XSR).

Any comment/ advise on these problems?
Thank you.


Check that you are in the right mode of the receiver (CPPM / SBUS) read instructions on how to change , also check that you are connected to the SBUS out/PPM pin and not to the F-Port one :slight_smile:

Thanks @ZvikaF.

Yup, my receiver has a solid blue LED light which indicates SBUS mode.
The signal wire is also connected on the SBUS/ CPPM out not the S-Port.

I attached a picture.

Are there other things that I can do to correct this?

Well… from the side of the receiver all looks OK.
Now you have to check the F7 side… hardware and configuration issues.

Thaks again @ZvikaF. Will do.