Accel Calibration freeze Mission planner in Copter 4.0.4?

I am having problems with the Accel Calibration. I’m working with:
-CUAV V5 Nano
-Firmware Copter 4.0.4
-Mission Planner 1.3.74.

The Windows application freeze (does not respond) until I desconnect the FC.
With the Arduplane V4.0.6 and Copter 4.0.3, I can calibrate the Accel without problems.
When I load the Copter firmware (Arducopter V4.0.4) the problem occurs.

After this test, I understand that the problem may be in the Copter firmware version 4.0.4. ???
Do you have the same problem with this FC and Copter version?

Thank you.
Best regards.