AC3.4.2 Heli FW Guided mode automatically decrease the height without giving the change height command?

I used the Guided mode to test the T-rex500Pro’s three flight tests every time it was directed to a target, and it automatically lowered the altitude during the flight, knowing that it hit the ground. And this period did not change the height of Guided mode value!

This problem does not occur on the AC3.3.3 Heli FW!

Later upload log!

This is one of the two test log, the third log has not been recorded, do not know why!

2016-12-01 (2.9 MB)
2016-12-01 (1.9 MB)

Hi @zhangsir ! What Tower version ?

Tower mod: fishDroneGCS

FishDroneGCS is based in tower 3.2. You need to update the code because tower 3.2 have a issue with ardupilot 3.4.2.

Very, very grateful!

And your analysis of exactly the same. Determined to use the fishdroneqgc caused. Today, using the Tower 4.0.0 test, Guided mode normal, and maintain a high degree of flying to the target point!

Thanks again!