AC3.4.2 firmware version Loiter mode aileron operation problems

Hi @tridge @rmackay9

In yesterday’s first test T-Rex500 AC3.4.2 version of the helicopter firmware, Loiter mode to the left aileron, the aircraft did not move to the left response, and switch to the stable mode or AltHold mode, there is a normal deputy Wing operation reaction!

I just analyze the results of the log:

I uploaded the flight log:
2016-11-20 (2.8 MB)

‘Your zip folder is not valid.’ : That is the message when you want to open it.

sorry !

Forum does not allow upload. rar format of the document, so I put. rar changed. Zip, download, the. Zip into. rar, with winrar will be able to open!

I have done only one test with AC 3.4.1 but went back to AC 3.3.3 at this stage. It seamed to be ok for me. Because of the concerned comments from Rob Lef. regarding AC 3.4.- I went back. My test was only hovering. I did not having your problem in Loiter because I did not try. But what I have noticed - when I did RTL with auto land I tried to reposition the Heli because it came down not very close where it took off. The repositioning was not really possible even the parameter was set to 1. It always had worked with me perfectly. It could be that there is definitely a problem in the Loiter RC control input. I like to leave the testing for younger person than me. No saved log file from me, sorry. I could see in your file nice low vibration values but not in Y. To high for me personally.

thank you!

Yes, AccY’s vibration value is significantly higher! The T-Rex500 has undergone numerous crashes and numerous repairs, and this time just replaced with a new side plate and a new swashplate servo. Helicopter body debugging and balancing of the main rotor need further fine-tuning.

Problems in the back of the test did not appear again!

Possible exceptions may be related to PID regulation