AC: T-Motor "Data Link" ESC Telemetry Support

Since t-motor alpha ESCs have telemetrie data output, it would be cool to have them logged or use them in any way. To make a first step I create this topic.

“Data Link” → DATA LINK V2_ALPHA Series_ESC_Multirotor_T-MOTOR Store-Official Store for T-motor drone motor,ESC,Propeller

From a support query I got this dokument from t-motor describing the protocol. Dropbox - File Deleted

I also sent this link to T-Motor and asked them for support.

Hi David,
would be great to have some level of integration. Did you get anywhere with this?

No progress so far…

Plane users are interested too (VTOL planes specifically) and they just released the 120A version, which is what I need to integrate these. Who can take this on?

Hi @palm369 It seems the link to the .xlsx file on TMotor’s Dropbox, which details the uart protocol coming from the data link, is broken. I don’t suppose that you have another copy somewhere? I have been trying to get this from them with no luck…

Hey, sorry I don’t have the copy anymore and also don’t find the file anywhere now.

But I got the Datalink and the wireless dongle for sale. Shipping from Germany. PM me :grinning: