AC 4.3 Compass already calibrated, compass not calibrated message


On multicopter already and working well compass, I save the param file.

After doing “reset to default” and rebooting, and injecting the same parameters as before with MP, gcs mark compass not calibrated.

How to force compass calibrated status?

Also I notice, that the compass perform perfectly on the ground when turning the UAV EKF compass stay always below 0,1.

On big UAV the calibration procedure is tedious…

Maybe there is a way to force calibrated status?

Thank you.

You have to perform the compass calibration again after a reset to default. Do the best you can with the manual method then use Magfit for the final calibration.

so I understand that there is a hidded parameter that states if mag is calibrated or not…

The parameters I have work perfectly on this uav, I just presed reset to default by mistake.

It’s dificult to remake the calibration, because I am alone in the field, and it’s 25kg uav…

Can I send command or make something to not remake the calibration process? and simply make that the arducopter accept the parameters the work perfectly ?

I discover that there is the same thing for the accel params…

If you use MavProxy you can use forcecal.

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