About the problem that the rolling direction of the hexacopter is opposite to the HUD display

Hi , I use CUAV’s Nora flight controller, the firmware version is V4.0.4, the special thing is that my flight controller is installed in reverse according to the rack, so I write the AHRS_ORIENTATION value as 4 to change the forward direction, But after calibrating the accelerometer, I found that the HUD of the ground station shows that the direction of roll is opposite to the actual frame, but the pitch shows normal. Can someone help me with this problem? Attach the parameter file, thank you!
2022-4-4.param (18.2 KB)

Are you looking at an “artificial horizon”? It tilts right when the plane tilts left.

Yes,and I found the problem now , someone in the forum has described it before The solution is to change the use of the Russian HUD The method is to right click on the monitor and change

Many thanks!!!

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Please update to ArduCopter 4.1.5, it resolves many known issues from 4.0.x
I know you do not have ran into any issues, but you might in the future.

thank you! Because I need to use TF luna ranging sensor, a later firmware may prevent me from configuring this function, so I chose a lower version as a last resort…hahahahaha

So you have a feeling that the latest stable firmware has a regression and no longer supports the luna. So you use a firmware version with known bugs and refuse to update?