About the DO_JUMP commannd

If I use DO_JUMP command like this, 2,3,4,5,6 after LOITER_UNLIM command. Will the waypoint then come to the LOITER_UNLIM command and stop?

In short, in what order will the flight take place?

It will reach the LOITER_UNLIMITED command and sit there until either the battery dies or you switch out of Auto. I already explained how LOITER_UNLIMITED works.

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yes I know too, but there is a do_jump command, won’t it work?
Is it okay if I add a waypoint to the do_jump and add a delay to make it tour 1 more time from the second waypoint again?
My goal is to tour the same route twice, but at the end of the second tour, the drone must stop because I will land.

How can it advance to the DO_JUMP command based upon how I explained LOITER_UNLIMITED works?

Land how? Within the mission or switching out of the mission and landing manually.

Why don’t you use the simulator? Answering these questions that are simple to answer for yourself is a waste of time.

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I know all the answers are in the simulator and I’m really sorry for that. My friend tried to make a simulator for 1 week but failed. More as it is now the 2nd day of the competition
unfortunately we can’t look at the simulator

You can do it right now with any PC running Mission Planner.

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We do, but it gives an error and does not open.
And I’m thinking of landing the drone manually

Then make the last command a simple waypoint and it will sit there until you switch out of Auto. You don’t need another command.

You need an internet connection for the Simulator. Got a phone with a hotspot?

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I will add the WAYPOINT command instead of the LOITER_UNLIM command. If I add a 5 second delay to the waypoint, will it wait 5 seconds before jumping to the second waypoint? Should the delay be 0 for the drone to quickly go to the second round?
Yes, I have internet.

I guess my question is stupid, but in this case the last command is the waypoint will it come to that location and stop?

After executing the DO_JUMP command loops yes.