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Hello guys. I will buy a PixRacer Pro but I’m not sure if I have the correct ESC’s. Can I use Dshot1200 BL_heli32 Esc’s ?? Thanks for your help

Good day,
well you don’t have any problem using dshot and also bheli firmware coz pixracer pro is dshot capable.
I suggest you use dshot protocol coz the signal is more stable… its really simple the setup under MP

Thank you David for your help. I really appreciate it. I guess I can use PixRacer Pro with copter 4.0 but I’m not clear using PX4 at this point. Can you help me with that too ?

I suggest ardupilot firmware.
You have to flash the latest firmware 4.0.5.
ardupilot perform better than px4.

I know I have asked too many questions. Your answers are being very helpfull. I have one question left. I heard that Ardupilot’s acceleration and speed is way lower than PX4. I have to build a racing type drone. so I need and waiting your answers. @Dave84

Me I’ve built 3 racers and the speed is good.
you have also to set the correct motors and props

Can I go up to 40m/s with Arducopter on Auto mode @Dave84

You have to set all the parameters… but its possible

which Params could you pass me that info as well? @Dave84

there are many parameters also bcoz every value must be test…

Dshot1200 will likely not be stable. Start at 300.

I agree with Dave. 300 is a great starting place. I run 600 on our aircraft. It’s up for debate if 1200 is even a good idea on an FPV racer. 600 is very well vetted and stable at this point when it comes to Dshot.

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I have tried Dshot1200 on the bench with the latest BLHeli_32 firmware and a 1870kv motor and it stutters. Granted it’s a old F4 Pixhawk and perhaps an F/H7 with a higher than default loop rate could do it. But perhaps the bottom line is what advantage do you expect?

It occurs to me I could test this with a Kakute F7 sitting there doing noting.

and the Pixracer Pro is an H743. Plenty of pow-wah!


m.Ro answered this on Facebook. Yes, DShot support.

As far as I know any Flight Controller that Ardupilot supports will run Dshot on the FMU outputs. Which is all outputs on the Pixracer Pro and many other FC’s because it doesn’t have an IOMCU. No Dshot out of IOMCU outputs (Main outs on Pixhawk’s, Cubes, others)


Hey! I have one questions left. Just out of curiosity does Normal PixRacer R15 Support DSHOT600 Bl_Heli32??

Sure it supports it but you may want to start at Dshot300 before testing 600.

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Love you guys this forum is the best!

I running Dshot 1200 and not having any issues. I not sure what the difference would be between the 600 or 1200 why would FVP be better using in 1200 or 600? I use the PRP and x2.1 777 from mRo nice hardware overall.

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