About joystick range setting

Dear All,

I connected my Futaba transmitter such as 14SG to my PC as a JoyStick via a USB converter like the one that comes with RealFlight.

I used it as a Joystick to multicopter with Mission Planner.
Five channels(Ch1 - Ch5) are recognized.

The operating range of each channel has been reduced from (1100 ~ 1900) to (1181 ~ 1839).

Even after calibration on the PC side, the range remains the same.
Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you.

Are you sure the trims, limits etc in the transmitter are set to -100%…+100% etc?

Dear Scott-san,

Yes, I have checked the settings.
Also, there was no change when I changed the endpoint settings.

I have confirmed this phenomenon with CubeBlack and PixhawkMini.
And here’s what I just found out.

In CubeBlack, I saved the parameters when radio caribration shows the narrow range to a file, then I set FC to factory setting, and radio caribration shows 1100-1900.
When I loaded the parameters from the saved file, the range became narrower again.

I compared the parameters for the narrower range with the default parameters and found as following.


As you can see, the maximum and minimum values of the RC input were narrowed for some channels.
When I did the radio calibration, the PWM values never left this range, even when I operated the stick. Also, there was no change when I extended the End Point setting on the transmitter.

Furthermore, when radio calibration is performed as a JoyStick, it is not updated.
This was the case not only with the USB-connected transmitter, but also with the Logitech USB-JoyStick.

In addition, QGC does not update the RC input range with radio calibration either.

It seems that if GCS read the maximum and minimum RC input values in the FC parameters, they are fixed to those values and cannot be calibrated when joystick is connected to PC.

For now, I will try to change the parameter by Full Parameter List.

Thank you.