About GY-86 Combination Module

First, Thank you for reading this topic.

I’m developing mini APM v3.1 using ArduPilot 3.2.1 for my master’s degree theis.

I have several problems like can’t connect MavLink.

First problem is uploaded firmware. That can connect Mission Planner through MavLink. but, gps is work.
I think that problem occured by “baud rate”, but I didn’t find that.

Second is Bluetooth telemetry. Using bluetooth module is HC-06, set baud rate 57600, and connect APM through 5V,GND and crossed TX,RX but, is not working.
It can’t connect to Mission Planner through MavLink, and Alert and showing message "No heatbeat received"
I didn’t find any thing of this problem.

Finally problem is “GY-86”, is the combination module included MPU6050, HMC5883, and MS5611.
I’m using GPS module “Ublox Neo-6M”(Using protocol NMEA, baud rate 9600, no built-in compass).
Thus, 5V and GND between GY-86 and Neo-6M is parallelly connected to mini APM. (I already cut JP1)
And TX,RX is crossed connected to Neo-6M, and SCL, SDA is serial connected to GY-86.
However, GY-86 Module does not working. actuallty I mean, compass(magnetometer) HMC5883 in that module.
How can I connect compass through I2C?

I want to collect pretty nice solution.


You have a few challenges!
Most of them are because the hardware you’ve chosen/been given is very obsolete. A newer flight controller can run current code, which automatically fixes most of the problems you’re facing.
Firstly, the gy-86 is a pain to get working. It’s been a few years since I hacked around with one, but basically the compass I2C address won’t show up until you play with the mpu6050 to put it in pass through. It’s easier to get a gps with compass.
For the gps setup, if it isn’t working you’ll need to dig around in diy drones or somewhere equally old and obsolete to find a configuration file for it, and use ucenter to upload it. There’ll be a tutorial on that somewhere (maybe in the ArduPilot wiki archive?).
With the Bluetooth module, you need to pair it with your pc/device before connecting it up to your flight controller. I’ve only ever done that over a serial console with AT commands, but there may be another way.
I couldn’t quite understand your first issue, I’m sorry. Hope this helps - but the best help would be more recent hardware!!

Thank you for replying me.

First, I think your meaning is “use GPS with compass module is better than use GY-86 module”, isn’t it?
I’ll consider your advise.

Second, GPS setup is done upload firmware using mission planner wizard. but, I want to use Arduino Sketch “APM 3.2.1”

Finally, I already setup bluetooth module through hercules. nevertheless this module does not work to MavLink.

My First issue is problem of uploaded firmware using arduino sketch 1.0.3 for ardupilot.
It doesn’t work any modules, like receiver, gps, and gyro sensor.(built-in module ‘mpu6050’)

I know the Best solution is using more recent hardware.(like pixhwak)
but, that is too expensive, and complicate for my purpose.

I’ll be more study apm sourse.
Thank you.

All the components you’ve listed can work with ArduPilot, you just need to configure them individually to match what ArduPilot expects - and missionplanner isn’t the best way to do that for the old systems.
I understand price is a challenge, but you’ll save a lot of time and frustration if you can upgrade, plus more people will be able to help.
What is your research project?

I’m trying to check geo-fencing on firmware without mission planner.

I have some geo-fencing algorithms for C++/C#.
and form that code answer the purpose.

Always check and move geo-fencing policy on firmware, and geo-fencing edge’s latitude/longitude is stored as data using array or linked list algorithm.

Finally goal is reverse the field of geo-fencing.
If I set reverse field of geo-fencing on UAV, that is only move inside of field.
So that is reason of my study.

Thank you.

OK, that sounds geat! You can implement and test that through SITL, without the need for any autopilot hardware at all, to start with. Have you used SITL?