Abnormal RCOUT values

any idea about this RCOUT ?

log file

What ESC’s are you using?
Have you done the ESC calibration?
I have seen this with BL-Heli and Shot ESC’s when used from PWM outputs.

I’m using Air Gear 450 set (Air 20A)

Yes i did

I cant see anything amiss in the obvious places.
You have your ATC_THR_MIX_MAN set to 0.1 and I believe the default is 0.5, any reason for this?

Looking at the outputs the copter seems unbalanced in the roll, but looking at the act/des I see the roll and pitch hanging on quite well but the yaw is swinging wildly.

Are the props level?
Do you have twist or distortion in the arms?
You haven’t said much about the copter, size, weight, motors, props, battery, etc……
In these cases I find adding weight helps identify the reasons as they usually become much more apparent.

i was set this from tuning process instruction

its because of yaw still not tuned

i checked arms and props level they are ok

Pixhawk 2.4.6
Daya 550 Frame
2216 880KV motors
Air 20A ESCs
T1045 Propellers
4s 5500mah battery
copter weight is 1960g

@mboland this problem happened after mounting gimbal , copter wight was 1600g without gimbal
in flight everything was good but in the log RCOUT values are not normal

Have you tried a test flight with the gimbal removed?
Is the gimbal on a suspension of some sort?

Are you saying the abnormal RCout was not there before the gimbal?

yes and RCout values was normal , ~1560


yes before mounting gimbal everything was normal

There is your answer then.
There is obviously something wrong with the way the gimbal is mounted

So I revisited the IMU values, and although the Y axis values are not excessive they do show a marked increase over the x values, which usually are the same.

Check the gimbal mount for rotational instability, and the gimbal itself of course.