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AAI RQ-7 Shadow Scratch Build

(Colin) #14

i also looking into one of these Advance Radio Smart Bus Extreme 3S
change of plans don’t need servo power box
the cubes servo rail will cope with 2 apms on each servo out put
just need to have a good supply at each end of the servo output :grinning:

(Colin) #15

well got all wood so time for me and buddy made a start :grinning::grinning:

(Colin) #16

and started on the wing ribs :grinning:

(Colin) #17

This the setup for powering the plane going to run 2S setup

(George Zogopoulos Papaliakos) #18

I have a question: Why did you choose to power the Pixhawk 2 from the same BEC as the video equipment, rather than chain it together with the radio equipment?

(Colin) #19

Hi buddy its not i had up loaded the wrong picture the cube is powered by 2 power mini bricks

(George Zogopoulos Papaliakos) #20

Oh, ok. That makes a lot more sense :slight_smile:

(Colin) #21

going to fit Frsky Gas Suite

(Colin) #22

did a little more on the fuze before it got to hot 40 deg celsius ( 104 fahrenheit )

(Colin) #23

finished sheeting fuze today

(Colin) #24

made a start on the nose

(Colin) #25

been little busy getting the kids off to uni any way did little tonight fitted the nose gear and servo

(Colin) #26

and fitted the battery tray

(Colin) #27

and made a vibration mount for the cube and gear

(Colin) #28

Finished off the nose

(Colin) #29

finished of the elevators and the tail

(Wasim Akram) #30

Hi Colin,
How did you manage to get details of the (inverted) v-tail angle and the tail angle of incidence? And how did you pass it onto your build? I usually find it a nightmare with scratch builds.

(Colin) #31

looking at lot pictures with a ruler and protractor lol

(Colin) #32

made start on the spars and little carbon to help

(Colin) #33

done little more on the wings