A very new hobbyist/business owner trying to setup a 3DR Iris+. I may need some assistance?!?

Hey guys, I REALLLLY want to get this drone flying today.

I have a 3DR Iris+ with a pixhawk board running ardupilot on chiBIOS.
The radio has rechargable batteries until I switch that to LiPo soon.
I set my PC up to be the command center.
Last night the drone was flashing a yellow light,which means a lot of things.
I am balance charging my LiPo 5100 mAH 11.1v battery right now to see if that fixes it.
I have all the error logs from “QGroundControl” from when I plugged it in via USB.
I have already taken the screws out and plugged directly into the pixhawk board via USB as well when doing the firmware update.

If you can help me with this if it doesn’t work after I get this battery charged DM me and if you help me get it going right. I will pay.

Thank you
[7:30 AM]
and I am a real person… Just need to get this done because I have a photography business I am launching and have been advertising these drone shots

The old adage, “Cart before the horse” seems about right here. Most of us have YEARS of build, and flight practice before we advertise… are you part 107 licensed?

It could be as simple as the GPS doesnt have a 3D fix if you’re inside. Connecting a ground station and looking at the messages will definitely help you.
You’ll need to describe in more detail if it wont arm and fly - if it does fly but is not right then we’ll need a .bin log file.

Right, I think I need to program the GPS and everything outside for sure.

Only thing is, I have a PX4 board and installed Pixhawk1 firmware on it.

I need to get the right firmware installed on the drone.

I put the arducopter hex file on the sd card put the sd card in.

Now I plan to plug the battery in and in QGroundControl set parameter to 1 on SYS_BL_UPDATE.

Then disconnect battery with sd card with new firmware on it and then plug it back in and that should install the correct firmware right?

Or am I way off here… When I connect it to QGroundControl firmware says PX4 Ardupilot ChiBios… so is it good then?

This is like my 4th day messing around with this so I have that much experience…

Plus the drone I bought was supposed to be brand new but the battery wont even balance charge it is timing out at 2 hours.

I will probably have to discharge it then balance charge it to get a full charge instead a timed out charge…

Any info you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time

-David Behrens Jr.

QGroundControl should be able to update the firmware and interact with the flight controller just fine if it can already tell you are using “Ardupilot ChiBios”. Even the correct flight controller should be detected if you try to do another firmware update via USB. Basically it’s already in a workable state.
If you want to be sure of the firmware version (FMUv2, FMUv3 etc) then send a photo of the flight controller. Does it look like this? (without the blue lines)

If the Iris has not been flying already, then you need to run through the Tuning Guide
and use this helper spreadsheet

Try a normal charge of the battery (not balance) and see if completes. Is it a good quality charger?

Yea that is it.

It has a sd card slot, an USB port, and a removable SD card in it.

The only errors QGroundControl says is all pre flight errors and GPS error.

The pixhawk flight controller and the drone LED both double flash yellow which could be a battery error.

When I balance charge the battery the balance charge times out.

I keep running 2 hr balance charges on this 5100 mAh 11.1v lipo battery and the numbers next to the timer keep getting lower and lowe with each charge.

I don’t really know what this is doing but I know I should be able to put a balance charge on this 5100 mAh lipo battery in about 40 minutes with this 50 watt charger.

I am pretty sure this battery is messed up, any thoughts on the battery based on what I was able to convey with my limited knowledge?

Hey man thank you again for your time and empathy, I am sure you were at were I am at right now in the drone industry/hobby.

-David Behrens Jr.

You will need to resolve each of the pre flight errors before proceeding.

I will send you the log for the pre-flight on Q CONTROL

I am currently doing the 3rd balance charge of the day on this battery and like the 10th all together.

It is still posting numbers in the 200s next to the timer.

It is still timing out at 2 hours instead of giving me a full charge alert.

This last charge has about a hour left and then I am going to throw it in the Iris+ and connect to QGroundControl.

I will take pics of the pre arm errors and the logs and send them to you if you are not to busy,

Thank you for your time.

You can set the LOG_DISARMED parameter and reboot, wait a while, then upload the.bin log file somewhere (dropbox or similar) and post a link to it. Get used to this method of providing logs since its most useful and screenshots often have limited value.

Also go through the documentation, it’s laid out in the order you need to use it.
Any errors or issues and you can easily search the doco or this forum.

Just plugged it in. Here are all the errors and statuses

You’ll need to check the frame type, “V” is probably wrong. Also check the motor order and spin directions. “X” is probably what you want.
Calibrate the compass after you are outside with a GPS 3D Fix.

Basically run through all the doco:

As I said, a .bin log file is best.

Something to work on tomorrow. I just ordered 2 other drones that will be plug and play but I want this one running… I have the gomblr setup on the way.
It is a V body, it says so on the expert manual