A small request for Tridge (auto launch on a switch )shake and wake(working great now)

Hi Tridge and fellow developers,I have a we request for you,could you make it possible to have wake and shake just on a switch,so on my small Talon 250g all I have to do is switch a switch to auto launch,then arm then do shake and wake and throw,obviously have to set up parameters for this,I really love ardupilot and use it on my quads and now also on my wee planes,many thank’s,I do understand if this is not possible but think it would be a good feature community wide

Hi Martin,
No code change needed.
All you need to know is explained here:

youtube: shake to wake

Good luck!!


That Painless360 video is great. I used that when I set up mine and it’s spot on. Now I use that feature on all my hand-launch planes.

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I used our own wiki and came to the same result - it works great and I use it on all my planes and its lots less stressful :grinning:

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Thank you Allister and Karl,yea i also use that and like both of you it works very well,may be im being lazy,but I thought if it was on switch to set it up it would save having to do the mission planner bit of the sequence.
My thinking is if it was on a switch,i could but my we talon 250g in a back pack and go walking with my doggie and when I come to a nice location could just fly and do the take off with out having to reload the waypoints for take off and save me carrying the lap top,or is it o/k to fly from different locations with a preloaded take off then switch into RTL it wont want to fly back to my home location where I loaded it.I await your advise on this as great if I dont need laptop.

Martin, you don’t need to bring any laptop to the field. The takeoff instructions are already in your flight controller and by arming your craft and flip the switching to Auto you can shake to go.
Maybe I’m missing something?
Love to have a dog :grinning:

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thank you Karla,will give that a go,doggie says thank you more nice long walks for me

What kinda dog you have?
If you need to fly somewhere can you bring it?
What do you do

I mean if you need to take a flight with airliner (not you fly your fc models :grinning:

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Ive just adopted a 10 yr old girl staffy such a lovely doggie and now gets so excited when im packing the back pack,and is really good when flying no barking at the craft but can get distracted if other doggie is about,no dont think would be allowed to fly on real plane with her