A mistake in helicopter wiki page

In helicopter wiki page copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/tradit … cting-apm/ it is said that “Although you will be flying a helicopter, the setup is easier if you do not use your RC transmitter in helicopter mode” then later it is said that receiver’s output channel 6 is pitch. IMO this is a mistake because only in Tx helicopter mode channel 6 output is collective pitch

It dependends on RC set.
For example I’m using er9X on Turnigy 9x - I can map there any stick to any RC channel output. Therefore I’m using channel 3 for collective pitch and channel 8 for throttle (which could be even switch for my case because I’m using ESC in governor mode on heli).

Anyway - the point is that you have to turn off any heli mixing in your RC because mixing is done in APM.

Yes, you may assign that way on your radio, but if you’ve set the mode as told in the wiki page “Instead, setup your radio in normal airplane mode” there is no collective pitch output at all. Here I 'm talking about that the wiki page may mislead the user reading it.

I see now your problem.

The summary could be something like:
-for transmitters with option to map sticks to channels it’s easier to use direct inputs or “Airplane mode” and add one more channel for collective pitch to throttle stick. Transmitter examples: FrSky Taranis, …
-for transmitters that don’t support this flexibility of mapping you have to use “Helicopter mode”, so you have two independent channels for throttle/collective pitch stick, and then you have to turn off any helicopter mixes. Transmitter examples: …

If you use transmitter in airplane mode, the next point
copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/tradit … nd-motors/
has already dealt with that case. So the problem here is only the wording of the helicopter mode of the transmitter.