A few questions/suggestions

I’d like to use the XP4 pixhawk for a quadcopter, or a better flight controller if one exist.

I dont know if I should post in 3.1 or in Ground Control Software or ?

  1. For automated flights can you do: for the flight segment between waypoint+altitude B and waypoint+altitude C, keep the camera/gimbal pointing straight down (or keep the camera/gimbal pointing parallel to the horizon or keep the camera/gimbal pointing at about 45 degree angle).

  2. When you use Region of Interest, is the tilt of the gimbal automatically set as a function of the radius and altitude of the automated flight? For example if you fly in a circle above a waypoint that is of interest to you, for a fixed altitude the larger the radius is the more “horizontal” your camera should be. Similarly the higher the altitude the more “vertical” the tilt of your gimbal should be.

  3. How good is the XP4 for manual flying, say compared to DJI Naza?

  4. Is it possible to have a GPS chip in your remote control (or a GPSr/smartphone connected to it via wifi/bluetooth/USB) that would send its current location to the flight controller in the copter, which would update the “return to home” GPS coordinates? For example if you’re piloting while you are in motion and want the return to home function to use your most recent location. Stefan said it might be on the to-do list already.

  5. If everything is set properly and telemetry radios are used, is there still non-negligible risks of a fly-away?

I also want to thank everyone here (well especially the developpers, moderators, etc) for their valuable time investment with these autopilots

I see, you took my advice of posting here instead of RCG :slight_smile:.
The questions about the specifics of the Android software are probably better placed in the Droidplanner / Andropilot subforums.

So I guess #1 and #2 are for the Mission Planner Subforums and/or andropilot and/or droidplanner?

#4 I was wondering if it’s possible without simultaneously using a Ground Control Software. Let say your android device/laptop/tablet is damaged.

#3 is more open ended. From what I read arducopter manual mode is pretty good for mid-size copters, like up to 600mm. If so, it should be enough for me.

#5 I guess that for most scenarios with GPS return to home in the pixhawk its pretty safe as long as there is battery left to fly it back? So its mostly up to the pilot to make sure he has enough battery left to return home.

#4 You mean like REALLY in the R/C TX? No, that’s not available.

#3 I have personally built and flown at least 3 copters in the 70cm class and up to 3kg with the Ardupilot Mega and the Pixhawk has more capacity, so I don’t see any limit. The predecessor, PX4, was used by a major aircraft manufacturer in a research project, from what I read in DIYD a while ago. There’s also enough examples of big copters running on APM or Pixhawk.
Bottom line - my personal opinion is that the Pixhawk with APM:Copter can handle pretty much everything you put it into :slight_smile:. And if you tune it well, even a big copter should handle as easily as a 30cm miniquad - just a bit more sluggish.

#5 Yes, that’s up to the pilot. However, APM:Copter does also have a battery failsafe function which will go into autoland when the battery reaches a configured level.